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Professional pool table installations in Chillicothe

Our team of professionals has been taking care of professional pool table installations for decades. Contacts us to get your quote and schedule your service, we can usually get you taken care of within a week!

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A properly set up pool table involves a complex process that should always be handled by professionals. Please note that all slate top pool tables are factory built in a methodical piece by piece process.

This process has to be repeated in reverse when taking it apart, the same thing when taking care of the pool table assembly.

With this in mind, you should always consider hiring professional pool table mechanics.

This means that they have to be carefully taken apart when being moved and the same intricate process has to be followed when taking care of the pool table assembly.

Our team of trained pool table movers handles pool table installations on a regular basis. We take pride in providing the best pool table services in the area. Our pool table installations service is backed by an exclusive 1-Year service guarantee, which is issued in writing by the American Billiard Installers Association.

Yes, we can replace the felt during your pool table setup

Most of our customers choose to refelt with new material during their pool table setup. There are a few reasons why it is ideal to take the opportunity to have your pool table refelting service taken care of at the time of the setup.

The main reason is that most of the pool tables we move are bought within the local area from private sellers and even if we are able to reuse the existing cloth.

In most cases, the current felt will need to be replaced within a few months. This is why our customers take this opportunity to take care of the pool table recovering at this time.

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We offer premium pool table cloth for the refelting service. We can assure you that we are the only company in the area that protects the felt we issue for our service.

As for the types of felt we use, you may choose from either residential grade material or tournament-grade felt.

Both of these cloths are protected against any tears or manufacturer’s defects for an entire year after we complete the service.

Also, you already have the pool table pieces in your game room, we can inspect the pieces and make sure there are no additional repairs needed. In case you need the complete move of your pool table, we strongly recommend that you use professionals to take care of this service. We can help you avoid any potential damage to your property or your pool table.

Expert pool table setup with perfect leveling

We provide complete pool table moves on a regular basis and we meticulously follow the proper moving process to make sure your pool table setup comes out perfect.

A professional pool table move involves the proper disassembly, safe transportation and professional pool table assembly with accurate leveling for the best plating experience. We take pride in providing an exclusive guarantee every time we take care of a pool table setup.

This guarantee is issued in writing and backed by the ABIA and it protects you against any installations or leveling issues for 12 months after we complete the service. Said guarantee also protects the pool table felt in case you decide to recover with new cloth and we provide the material.

Pricing your pool table assembly

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When you call we will ask you a few particulars about your pool table and if we have to move it into the room, we will also need to know the moving situation.

We need to know the playing surface area of the table to figure out its true size, the brand or manufacturer, the number of slates, the style of pockets and also if you want us to refelt with new cloth.

There may be other details we need to know depending on your table. When you call, our team of professionals will let you know if there is additional information we need to know in order to provide an accurate quote.

Game room dimensions for a proper pool table assembly

A very important aspect of your pool table assembly is the measurements of your intended game room. This is assuming that this is the first pool table you purchase. We have quite a few years of experience dealing with pool table installations and have put together a chart with the approximate pool table room dimensions.

This chart is a very useful tool for you to verify which pool table size is appropriate for you, it will help you rearrange the furniture pieces you already have in the room and in case you already purchased the pool table, this can help you decide where to have the pool table assembly taken care of.

If you are ready to have your pool table setup taken care of by the best service providers in the area. Give us a call or send us an e-mail! We will take care of your service in a timely manner.

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